First Time in Israel - International Patients Can Participate in Rambam Hospital's Clinical Trials

Rambam Medical Center has received worldwide recognition as one of the leading institutions specializing in the study and treatment of cancerous tumors. International clinical studies are conducted in the Oncology and Hematology Center's laboratories.

Participation in such studies provides patients with a unique opportunity to receive oncological treatment FREE OF CHARGE and take advantage of the most innovative methods.

The patient's ability to take part in the trials depends on the nature of cancerous cells, the condition's phase, the patient's previously received treatment, and his or her general health.

All clinical trials comply with medical ethics and safety and security regulations. The patients are under constant care of our doctors and the trials are run in accordance with the Helsinki Declaration. All projects involving volunteers are monitored according the standards of Good Clinical Practice (GCP), a set of rules that protects human rights and ensures compliance with ethical standards

Rambam conducts clinical studies for almost all types of tumors.

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