Nobel Prize Awarded to Head of Rambam's Scientific Research Institute

The cutting-edge scientific research institute Rappaport, whose employees are leading experts at the Rambam Medical Center, continues to improve in the field of advanced scientific discoveries and their application to clinical practice.

The Institute is an independent facility conducting research in the field of medicine, based on the work of medical faculty at the Haifa technological university, Technion. It has become world-famous due to its hundreds of scientific research papers published annually in leading international medical publications.

The chairman of Rambam Medical Center’s Advisory Scientific Committee is Professor Aron Chekhanover, who, along with Professor Avraham Hershko, collaborated with Professor Irwin Rose from California. The result of their joint work was the discovery of ubiquitin-mediated protein degradation. For this, they were awarded the 2004 Nobel Prize in Chemistry and became Israel’s first Nobel Prize winners in the field of science.

Subsequently, in 2011, professor Dan Shechtman from the Technion Institute was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the discovery of quasicrystals.

Watch as Nobel Laureate Dan Shechtman and Rambam Medical Center’s director, Professor Rafi Beyar, answer an integral question about Israel’s role as a start-up nation and discuss the importance of quality teaching and education in maintaining Israel's achievements. This discussion was held at Israel’s 2013 Presidential Conference in Jerusalem.

Rambam Hospital In Israel - A World Leader In Medical Research

The following medical innovations were developed by Rambam researchers:


Our team collaborated with Given Imaging to develop the PillCam™ - a capsule used for diagnosing gastrointestinal diseases.


We have worked with GE Global Healthcare to develop dedicated cardiac SPECT/CT as part of the diagnostic process for coronary heart disease.

Stem Cells

We continue to utilize stem cells in order to test the results and efficiency of new pharmaceuticals for tailored medicine.


We employ gene-mapping to aid in the early detection of hereditary diseases, such as diabetes and kidney failure

Cancer Vaccine

Our team is currently at work on a cancer vaccine as part of a US-Israel research effort; if successful, this vaccine will dramatically alter cancer therapy as we know it.

Extraordinary Cardiology Innovations at Rambam:

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